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[VIDEO] Nollywood Actor Ernest Asuzu Suffers An Unknown Disease, Pleads For Help Again

Popular Nigerian actor, Ernest Asuzu has reportedly suffered a yet to be diagnosed disease. According to an Instagram user, Bolingo2014, the actor was seen pleading for help in Lagos.
Posting a video of Asuzu, the user called on Nollywood and the Nigerian government to come to the aid of the actor.
Bolingo decried the alleged maltreatment of the Nigerian film industry towards their member, noting that they need to take their members’ welfare seriously.
Bolingo said, “I am just directing to Nollywood. This is one of Nollywood star, everybody knows him. We were surprised seeing him in this kind of condition, asking Nigerian men to assist him when he has Nollywood people.
“They [Nollywood] are just there doing anything they like but they don’t help themselves. So, we are calling on Nollywood to come and assist their member.
“It is not only to act film. This guy cannot even work. They need to come to the guy’s aid. Not when he dies and they will come and do big burial.
“They need to assist him now that he is alive. Even the Nigerian government needs to assist this guy and know what the problem is.”
But this is not the first time Ernest has been seen begging for money on the streets. He was also seen at Shoprite, Surulere, Lagos in 2015, asking passersby for cash. As at then, he was said to have suffered a stroke.
It is not clear whether Ernest is suffering from a fresh illness or complications from the alleged stroke. But in the video posted by Bolingo, he could be seen standing shirtless and moving his upper limbs.
He does not look emaciated, but unkempt.
Watch the video below;