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Khloe Slams Nigerian Leaders Over Balogun Market Fire

Former BBNaija star, Khloe has slammed Nigerians over the Balogun Market fire incident which occurred yesterday in Lagos state.
A section of the popular market on Lagos Island was on fire in the early hours of Wednesday, January 29, 2020.
The incident led to the loss of properties and goods owned by traders was sparked after one trader tried to put on his generator.

Just a week ago, Khloe cried out over the forceful evacuation given to residents of Takes Bay in Lagos, and she claims the government has not been proactive enough. She wrote;
“What a month !!! Each and every time Nigeria just frustrates her citizen, how can a country be so cruel?! This month has really been so hard I can’t even explain it .
It’s just the 30th but we have been through so much in this month! Tarkwa bay residents’ eviction and now an unending fire that consumed people source of livelihood. It’s really so sad to think that barely 2 months ago this same thing happened and has been reoccurring just not in Lagos but in almost all parts of the country and the same thing occurred again yesterday! And how our leaders can’t seem to find something to stop this is beyond me!!
what does this say about a country ? We really need to do something as a nation, having leaders that don’t care about us, it becomes sad every time when you think about it.
People’s hard earned money went into flames, I can’t even imagine half of what they are going through. This system doesn’t work and I’m sincerely tired!!!!!!
Love and light to everyone that lost their goods and belongings to that fire, I’m sorry for the loss.
May God help us in this country!”