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Coronavirus: 11 cases of confirmed in the US

The total number of coronavirus cases confirmed in the US is now 11, after three new cases were confirmed in California.
Two cases were identified in San Benito County, where a husband and wife have been diagnosed with the virus. The husband travelled to Wuhan, China, but the wife contracted the disease in the second person-to-person transmission in the country, according to a statement from local health officials.
These two patients have remained at home since the husband’s return to the U.S. The man was screened at San Francisco International Airport on Jan. 24 and was found to be healthy without symptoms. Both he and his wife developed symptoms days later.
Another case was reported in Santa Clara County after a woman travelled from Wuhan to the area. Officials say the two cases in Santa Clara County are unrelated, CNN reported.
California had earlier identified one case each in Orange and Los Angeles counties, bringing the state’s total to six.
Outside of California, there are two cases in Chicago and one case each in Massachusetts, Arizona and Washington state.