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Video of moment 14 pupils died in Kenya school stampede

A video of the moment some pupils in a Kenya school died and some critically injured during a stampede has emerged.
According to the Police, investigations into the stampede at the local primary school in western Kenya that resulted in the death of 14 pupils and 38 injuries, have kicked off.
David Kabena, Kakamega divisional police commander, said the stampede occurred at Kakamega Primary School at around 5 pm when the pupils were rushing out of classrooms.
Thirteen died on the spot, most of whom fell down from the stairs, while 39 others were admitted to a hospital, one of whom later died and four were in critical condition.
Twenty have been discharged after treatment.
“We have launched investigations to establish the cause of the stampede,” said the police commander.
Some reports, however, have it that a staircase collapsed under the pupils as they were rushing home after closing hour.
Videos posted to social media showed crowds of people gathered outside a hospital where children were being treated.
Raila Odinga, Kenya’s former prime minister, called for a swift investigation to “get to the bottom of this incident”.