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[VIDEO] Ike laments about Mercy’s bride price increasing

Just when everyone believed the relationship between Ike and Mercy was over, the former is seen lamenting about her bride price going up.
Mercy had her house, Lambo mansion, warming yesterday and Ike who she fell in love with during the BBNiaja reality show was in attendance amongst other guests, Read here

While speaking with Cubana Chief priest at the house warming organised by Mercy, Ike could be heard lamenting that Mercy’s bride price is going up by the day. Cubana told said to him that He also revealed that he is currently competing with rappers, footballers and the likes.
Cubana Chiefpriest replied by consoling him. He told him not to worry about anything because nobody can take her away from him.
He added that no one was there when they started their love. Despite Mercy and Ike’s breakup rumour that spread on social media a while ago, it seems like they are still going strong and from the conversation in the video, it could be assumed that Ike might even be thinking of settling down.

Watch the video below;