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[VIDEO] It Will Be Very Hard For Obaseki To Win The Governor Of Edo State Again Under APC – Says Amb Dion Osagie

According to the President of Godsent Foundation Amb Dion Osagie, it will be very hard for Godwin Obaseki to win the next governorship election under APC.
The young Edo man reveals this on Friday, February 14 during his Facebook live stream.
His reason for saying this is that according to him APC Party is divided into two, more also Governor Obaseki only won the last governorship election by a margin and added that about 60% of the Edo people are for Adams Oshiomhole.

In his words;

Let’s face a fact and arithmetic, I said, it is going to be extremely hard for the governor of Edo State…
So those of you shouting ‘4+4 Togba’, unless the election is being rigged, it is a simple arithmetic…
Obaseki has is own men and Oshiomhole have his own men, if Obaseki gets the ticket under APC, it means that 50% of the people who voted for Obaseki before, who are for Oshiomhole are not going to vote.
Automatically that is a lost,
The controversial man who continuously snorts his nose all through his Livestream added that no one knew Governor Godwin Obaseki before he became the governor.
It was Adams Oshiomhole who sold the Obaseki to Edo people, so Oshiomhole must stop complaining too much and allow Obaseki to do his work, he said

Watch the video below;