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[VIDEO] #Coronavirus “Flights are still going to Lagos” – Nigerian British NHS Doctor Cried Out After Her Friend’s Dad Died of Covid-19

A Nigerian British who is a National Health Service (NHS) doctor has cried out in concern for Nigerians in a viral video, this is coming after her friend dad died from the deadly coronavirus.
According to the doctor, she was supposed to travel to Lagos, Nigeria on holiday to see her family and friends on March 20, but she decided to cancel the trip, even if she’s fit and healthy, only because she’s a health worker and worry that she may be carrying the virus and would not want to foolishly infect her loved ones.
She said she is worried about the way the Nigerian government is handling the coronavirus pandemic because flights are still going to Nigeria, obviously, Nigerians in the UK are visiting home.
In her words
Nigeria government needs to shut its border!
Nigerians we party, we have weddings… Everything is a big unnecessary ceremony, let this be the time that we think about what we value the most.
If we really care about our family and friends like we say we do, stay in your freaking house. Stay at home!

Watch the viral video below;