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It’s my ‘tonga’ and I choose who to chop – NAYAS to critics

Controversial Ghanaian actress, NAYAS known in real life as Gladys Mensah Boaku, says no one can question her on who she chooses to warm her bed whether sugar daddies or otherwise.

According to her, it is her birthright to determine her bed warmers and not bitter social media users who have been bombarding her because she decided to date married men.

“It is my choice and I say I am done with young men. I have chosen to go in for only old men and whites is that one too your headache? If that is troubling you then you will soon be diagnosed of madness because I do what pleases me and not you”, she posted
She disclosed she’s dating sugar daddies because the young men who came her way only jilted her and advised critics to stop troubling to save themselves from headache.

“Be prepared for admission at the mental home if my decision to date Sugar Daddies is what is troubling you. I have dated young men who chopped me for free and took undue advantage of me, now I say I do not want to go that way again and it has become your headache”, she angrily wrote.