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[VIDEO] The Moment Murphy Uyi Called The European Union To Petition the Oba Of Benin

Murphy Uyi reacting to the video of a Benin lady based in Dublin, Ireland, Iye Utete who was recently labelled ‘Oghionba’ (an enemy of the king) after the lady also reacted to an audio of a Benin Chief, Omo-Osagie Utetenegiabi, where he pronounced Clement Erahnomigho Edegbe, a self-acclaimed freedom fighter based in Dallas, Texas, as ‘Oghionba’
Iye Utete, a social media personality who is making waves despite hiding her identity from the public, known for her bluntness regarding the issues of politics and everyday activities that affects a common person, she is also a VIP in diaspora Godsent Foundation, a Charity Organization owned by Ambassador Dion Osagie.
The Dublin based lady Iye Utete send a direct audio message to Chief Omo Utetenegiabi telling him to abstain from politics, ‘politics comes with insult’.
Listen to her audio below to catch up with the story.

After the audio above went viral, Chief Omo-Osagie in collaboration with Eddie Murphy aka social media president labelled Iye Utete as Oghionba (enemy of the king or enemy of the palace).
Murphy Uyi who according to the Edos in the diaspora is the No.1 Oghionba for challenging the Oba of Benin on several occasions on his posts reacted to the pronouncement made on Iye Utete by attempting to call the European Union to report the Oba and his Chiefs.
It is not the first time this will happen, as a matter of fact, labelling someone an Oghionba started with the self-acclaimed Social Media President, Eddie Murphy, a UK based man Mr Okoro, recall that even Ambassador Dion Osagie, the President of Godsent Foundation was also labelled an Oghionba a few weeks ago. Read here
So apparently when someone is labelled an Oghionba, they are required to go to the Oba of Benin’s Palace in Benin City, Edo State to swear an oath of loyalty to the king and his Palace, swearing that henceforth they will never again say or think negative against the King or his Palace and also to report any person or persons who do such.
Murphy has been condemning this act of oath swearing for months now, calling out the Oba of Benin on his Facebook page, where he has over 14,000 followers, his YouTube Channel with over 8,000 subscribers, telling him to stop the barbaric act, accusing him of intimidating the Aboriginal with his deity (juju) he brought from his ancestral Yoruba land, according to Murphy Uyi and the documentary video we shared below, the real Benin’s are not idol worshipers. See screenshots and video below;

So, on his Facebook live broadcast of yesterday December 6, a video he captioned
Murphy faze warn Oba Ewuare stop the celebration of igue festival, omo utetenegiabi Eranormigho eddy Murphy skymmmy yah and others ,
Murphy uyi Ogiso call European union on phone to report Oba Ewuare evil deeds,

In Murphy’s words;
We are reporting the Oba of Benin so the whole world should be aware of what we are about to do, cos the Oba of Benin thinks that he is God to be killing our people, driving us away from our home, intimidating us is unacceptable to us…
Oba of Benin is responsible for the mass migration of our people
Murphy Uyi dialled a number, supposedly the European Union office in Germany, reporting the Oba of Benin to the man that picks the phone from the office, telling him how the Oba is intimidating, oppressing and killing the Benin indigenes.

Watch the video below;