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Miracle! Lady 52, who was banned from visiting her husband’s family house due to barrenness delivers a baby after 28 years of marriage

Indeed miracles still exist!
A lady identified as Mary Akinseye Dupe took to her Facebook in honour to God most high for blessing her and husband with a baby.
Narrating her ordeal, Mrs Akinseye said she got married 8th March 1991, that will be almost 29 years next month.
She said her husband’s family banned her from visiting the family’s main house because she was unable to have a baby, but they never stopped believing in the miraculous power of God.

While waiting they fasted and did everything they could that was within their reach and left the rest to God. She also used the medium to advise people not to discriminate themselves.
The thankful new mummy encouraged and prayed for every expectant mother that will say amen to her prayers to receive an instant fruit of the worm blessings.

Read her full posts below;

Ladies my (GIFT) has arrived ooo (22/02/2020) please celebrate with me.
I got married on 8/March/1991 and I am 52 years old, I know this story is so awful but it is the truth.
I have been married for 28 years but no child, I have been mocked, I have been banned from visiting my husband’s family house, why? Because I was unable to bear a child. And my husband never stopped believing in me. We prayed fast and do every necessary things but yet no issue.
I will stop here for now. I return all glory to God and God alone will be the king forever in Jesus name amen. If you’re seeking for fruit of the womb. May Almighty God also do it for you in Jesus name amen. Please celebrate with me.☺️☺️☺️
I put to birth at the age of 52 years (Menopause level) is God not wonderful? Listen if you’re reading this now,you’re a very lucky person. Don’t descriminate or rush yourself. God that created you knows all your problem. I pray each and everyone that will say amen to this will recieve an instant miracle and fruit or the womb in Jesus name amen amen amen amen and amen.