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In 2016, Kanye West was in $53million debt – In 2020, a Billionaire

US rapper Kanye West was declared a billionaire by Forbes on Saturday, but not many people would remember he was in $53million debt in 2016.

At that time, the rapper who was having personal troubles took to Twitter to beg publicly for assistance.

He had specifically mentioned Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg whom he wanted to invest in his ideas, but it was not sure if he got any response from Zuck and other celebrities he called upon then.

According to Forbes, the rapper and fashion designer, who has long coveted the status, gave it a glimpse into his personal finances, which led it to value his net worth at $1.3bn (£1.04bn).

That includes his stake in the Yeezy trainer line, which Forbes describes as “one of the great retail stories of the century”, worth $1.26bn (£1.0bn). Added to that, Forbes said the statement of assets supplied to them by West’s team lists $17m in cash (£13.6m) and $35m in stocks (£28m).

West’s other notable assets, according to his team, are $81m (£64.7m) in property and $21m (£16.8m) in land. West and his wife, the reality TV star Kim Kardashian West, are known to own several properties in Los Angeles and Wyoming, The Guardian reports.