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Niece of Nigerian nurse who died of COVID-19 in the UK says she warned about lack of protective equipment before getting infected

The Nigerian nurse who died from Coronavirus in the UK was said to have warned about lack of personal protective equipment before getting infected.
Onyenachi Obasi, who worked as a health visitor and nurse is the latest healthcare hero to be named as the death toll of NHS and social care workers reached at least 203.
She fell ill after caring for a Coronavirus patient before being admitted to the Queen’s Hospital in Romford.
The 51-year old mother of one, who had been living in Barking and Dagenham died on May 6 five weeks after being placed on a ventilator in intensive care. Read here
Her niece Ijeoma Uzoukwu, 30, has claimed that Ms. Obasi, who worked as a nurse for 20 years spoke about PPE shortages before she contracted Coronavirus.
She said: ‘She was on the front line and from what we know she wasn’t protected. I don’t know too much about it but she did mention to my mum that she wasn’t protected properly. ‘That’s all I know at the moment
Ms Uzoukwu added: ‘She has always cared for people. That’s all she knew and what she was really good at.
‘It’s sad that she’s lost her life caring for people. It’s a desperate irony. She was an angel, a really sweet woman. There are hundreds of hearts that have been broken.’