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VIDEO| How a Benin Chief gave a teenage boy €10 to deliver ‘drugs’ in Germany – Eddie Idahosa revealed

Eddie Murphy Idahosa aka Social Media President has alleged that a Benin Chief, Omede gave his 13-year-old son €10 to deliver a bag, presumably containing drugs to a white man in Germany.
Eddie narrating the ordeal stated that his 13-year-old son revelled this to him just after he published Chief Omede’s photos on his Facebook page, his son seeing his pictures recognised the Chief and said to him “daddy I know this man in Aachen, when we visited Imatitikua, Omede gave me €10 to deliver a bag to a white man”.

According to Eddie Murphy, who made this disclosure on social media, stated that the incident occurred when his children visited a relative by name Imatitikua in Aachen a City in Germany, that the said Chief Omede Collins Nosayaba also known by his title name as Chief Aiwansoba of Uselu, gave his son €10 to do the chore for him.
Though his son refused to deliver the bag, Eddie Murphy still thinks it is a wrong thing to send a 13-year-old child on such a risky and incriminating errand.
Dishearten Eddie has vowed to take legal actions to make sure the Chief is questioned and brought to book if found guilty.

Chief Omede during his Coronation in March 2016: Source Facebook

Watch the video below;