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GRAPHIC PHOTOS| Jealous man kidnaps and murders his friend in Imo because he bought a new car

A young Nigeria man, Micah Isaiah also known as Leo has been killed by a jealous friend.
It was gathered that the sad incident happened on May 12, around Willow Wood hotel in the Imo State capital, Owerri.
It was reported that the deceased was said to be a good friend of his alleged killer and had rendered a lot of help to him while alive.
According to findings from the investigations conducted, the killer friend got jealous after Leo bought a brand new Lexus es350.

The friend, however, decided to kidnap Leo and then took him to Anambra State, where his Lexus es350 was sold and made away with the valuables of the deceased friend.
The suspect, that is, the jealous friend, confessed he hired people who appeared in military dress code and abducted his friend to their scene of crithe me.
The jealous friend who knew the whole plan all along was sitting with his (late) friend when the fake military men kidnapped him.
The culprit confessed that on getting to their scene of crime in Anambra, they smashed his head with a very big stone visible at the scene.
Leo’s remains have since been deposited in a morgue after being dead for 12 days.
A Facebook friend shares more insight, read his full report below:
Ebube Chukwu How Micah Isaiah aka Leo Was Killed By Gang Of Serving And Ex-Military Men
2nd May, 2020 must have started off as a normal day for young Micah Isaiah, never could he had imagined that was the day evil was to befall him. Micah Isaiah know with nickname Leo Was picked up by Some Men in full Military uniform and claimed to be Army officers on 2nd May 2020 at about 17:30 hours around the orji flyover in Owerri shortly after he dropped his friend at rochas college of Africa roundabout.
The news of his disappearance got to his friends after another guy that the same said Army officers picked up and released after they demanded a transfer of 50,000 naira which he paid called some friend he felt knew Leo.
Leo’s friends went to almost all police offices in the whole of owerri city searching for him and asked some of the Army officers at different check points in the city who confirmed the didn’t have Leo in their custody,
On Monday morning, some of his friends went to the Imo state police headquarters to make their complaints and the command sent out a radio signal to every division in the state, after 24 hours of no positive response, the case was officially reported to the SARS department of the state command who took up action immediately and started with investigation and tracking of the culprits
On the other hand the Kidnappers were not taking calls from the family and friends of the vctim, the later managed to pick call from the girlfriend which they requested for a 4 million ransom as they now confirmed that they had Leo in their custody and threatened her not to involve the police else they would kill Leo.
The girlfriend requested to speak to Leo but they would not grant the request because they had already kill Leo somewhere in Anambra and ran to Makurdi in Benue state with his properties ranging from his ES350 car, IPhone, clothes, apple wristwatch and emptied his account of all the money had therein.
Using the account number provided from the guy who was earlier picked by the fully clothed military men which he used in making the N50,000 transfer to them, the SARS operatives were able to establish the identity of one of the kidnappers which turned out to be a serving military man, through him his two other gang members were apprehended, with one being a dismissed army man since 2018.
The dismissed officer was the one who took the SARS operatives to the place where Leo was killed few hours after his kidnap on 2nd May, where he also disclosed that two of his other team mates used a very big stone to hit Leo on the head after they took everything he had on him and in his bank account.
The case is still been investigated and more revelations are still been made but this report became necessary as people are already spreading false news that the police are responsible for the death of Leo.
The remains of the victim has been deposited in the mortuary as he has already started decaying after being dead for 12 days.

See graphic photos below;