Bindow: Abdulaziz Nyako deceiving Adamawa, says  group

    Senator Abdulaziz Nyako has come under attack from the Concerned Hong Constituents over his campaign against Gov. Umar Jibrilla Bindow ahead of the 2019 general elections.

    In a strongly worded statement signed by its General Secretary, Stanley, on Saturday night, the group said Nyako was trying to deceive Adamawas again with “rhetorical and platitudinous speeches”.

    The statement came barely 24 hours after  Nyako Abdulaziz’s voice featured in an audio which he boosted that  political platform to be deployed to unseat Bindow/Buhari in 2019.

    Concerned Hong Constituents, a staunch supporter of the current Governor of Adamawa State, said it was not surprised by Nyako’s several statements to hoodwink Adamawa people and Nigerians.

    The socio-political group said it rather found it surprising that Senator Nyako and his “fellow travellers took Nigerians for fools”.

    It said, “However, Adamawa Citizen do sincerely and mournfully remembered what the conditions of things were in relation to unemployment, corruption and general decadence of our many institutions of governance in the 7 years of the immediate administration in Adamawa State, cannot be forgotten in a hurry.

    More details Later….


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      Beards today are associated with fundamentalist Muslims, so most Moroccan men usually don’t have them, although
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      males are today worn mostly by older men [source: Costa Sur]..

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      Scouts was the only place I really had a bunch of friends (I
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      Chris, USA Don’t people talk rubbish? Mexico lost because they scored fewer goals than the US, simple as that! To say that the Americans killed the game or destroyed football is just twaddle. They had a game plan to defeat the Mexicans and it worked. I hope it works against the Germans too!.

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      It is everywhere. I am constantly reminded how angry everyone is with each other. We are angry at police officers, despite the fact they risk their lives every day for our safety. The roof was too low. Mam didn’t like the idea of walking on bare soil, so Dad had to make a floor of duck boarding. That made it lower still.

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      In this world exclusive interview, Bulldogs fan Barry Nakhoul opened up about the night he tapped into the dark
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      During the intermissions, Langlois worked the lower
      bowl concourse. He posed for pictures with Jets fans, all of
      whom call him by name, he exchanged high fives with guys waiting in line for beer.

      (“Rock on, man!” said one.) and he got more than a few hugs from
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      of Hampstead, New Hampshire. “I have to be part of it.”By submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right
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      expressed in comments.

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      LATEST UPDATES (all times GMT) 1900: That’s it for Monday’s Sportsday Live.
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      It also has two intriguing newly signed players in N Kante and Michy Batshuayi.

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      Up close, of course, he is rather different. During his racing career, Armstrong was a road bully who made a lot of enemies, some of whom would turn on him later. A brief clip in The Armstrong Lie that shows him sharing a podium with Bill Clinton is worthy of a moment’s reflection, says Gibney.

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      Flames five game streak they will take to Montreal on Tuesday.
      Me, it not goals or stuff like that I remember, it more so those big wins.
      For any rookie of the year chatter, of which Calgary hasn had since
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      Monahan reverts to the type of boring response that fuelled
      the start of his parody account..

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      Lewis Blackwell is a cycling friend of mine and sportive regular.
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      You never initiate and rarely follow up on making new
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      If you are uncomfortable, make slight changes.
      A few days later, we had received three affirmatives the rest, we
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      Cheap Jerseys china Fun. We were having fun. So I threw it
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    153. The circulatory system of this species has heat exchanging system which helps in maintaining its body
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      Rodney councillor Greg Sayers says he’s open to listening cheap jerseys to all Cheap Jerseys china options.
      He says he supports the process because it is allowing the public to have
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      “We were promised that the super city would reduce our rates, and be more efficient and cost effective.

      The Hibernians answered right back by stealing the ensuing kickoff and driving in for a try. With some theatrics from North Penn, and hot tempers from the Hibos, the first half was heating up and needed to be reigned in ASAP or else the referee would call the match altogether. Each team spoke to their players and the game pressed on.

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