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VIDEO: What you will never be told when you go for cosmetic surgery – Queen Naija

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - MAY 01: Queen Naija attends the 2019 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 01, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

US singer and song writer, Queen Naija has revealed some of the things people never get told when they go for cosmetic surgery to enhance their beauty.

In a post she shared, she opened up about having tummy tuck because of some health issues.

“I got a tummy tuck. I got my hernia repaired ’cause around my navel it would puff out at the top, and that was because my loose skin, plus my hernia, plus my fibrosis. I had really really bad fibrosis from the previous smart lipo I had, like, two years ago.”

Queen Naija also spoke about the pain she felt after the surgery:

“The whole first week was rough for me. Not even because of the pain. The pain wasn’t that excruciating. It wasn’t unbearable. It was the medication they put me on. You know what? I’m just gonna say the percocet, because the antibiotic was fine and everything else. But the percocet they put me on actually caused me to have really really really bad anxiety at night, and like sleep paralysis.”

She went on to reveal some of the things people never get told before they go under the knife.

“I’m standing up because I cannot sit down. So, I did not know that if you got a BBL, you couldn’t sit on your butt for, like- well, on the paper, it says two weeks. But yesterday was my one week post-op check-up and the doctor told me he wants me to wait as long as I can for six weeks…Everywhere I’ve been going y’all, I’ve been sitting on my knees backwards, like facing the back of the window! When I go to meetings- I went to a Spotify meeting, Snapchat, Twitter meetings- I had to sit in all those meetings on my knees in the chair backwards!”