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[VIDEO] Update on the Nigerian boy that was shot in Accera, Naples, Italy

Following multiple speculations on social media about the Nigerian boy that was shot on the leg in Accera, a province in Naples, Italy. See video below;

Social media personality, MC Doro Boss who visited the victim in the hospital where he is recovering shared a video on his Facebook page captioning it;
For those of u going Around spending fake Romour About the Nigerian Boy Dat Were Short By Italian Man In Napoli Accera Italy
Watch Dis video And know what Really happen Along the lines that leads to the incident.
Mc Doro Boss stated that some youtube vloggers and Facebook analyzers posted the boy’s video on their platforms to get traffic and subscribers without knowing what really happened to the boy.
According to the victim who was interviewed by Mc Doro Boss on his hospital bed, said, he shot by his Italian neighbour following a brawl between them over the loud music that was coming from his apartment where he also has a music studio because he is a musician.
He was in his house that day when the Italian man rang the doorbell and told him to turn down the volume of his music.
After a brief conversation, the Italian man brought out a gun from his car and shot him on his leg. He further stated that the police are still investigating the case.

Watch the video below;